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Dongfang perfume factory is located in nanshui industrial zone, shuangshui town, guangdong province.The company has its own production base and professional production personnel, the products are diverse, such as laoshan sandalwood, panxiang, pagoda incense, stick incense, smokeless incense, sandalwood carving, aloes wood sandalwood, incense products, incense oil, etc.Also according to customer demand for production and packaging.

In addition, sandalwood and aloes from various production areas are sold in large quantities.Our company spirit of "customer first, service first" business purpose, always put the interests and needs of users in the first place.Welcome friends from all walks of life calls to culvert business negotiations.

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Professional manufacturers of incense raw materials
Main products are: xiangxiang plant powder, natural sticky wood powder, pure log powder, natural fragrance powder, as well as xiangxiang bamboo stick, xiangxiang dye, flavor and spices.We set procurement, production, sales, after-sales service as one, to provide more perfect service.
Ensure the natural health of raw materials
The materials used in Oriental incense making are all plant materials, and the fragrance powder produced is pleasant to the taste.It doesn't make people feel uncomfortable.Natural plants are used to make incense, which has a light smell and can avoid the influence on aroma.Can increase the aroma of natural powder and alcohol.
Traditional incense making method and modern technology are combined
Oriental incense system naturally advocates the initial simplicity.Do nothing and do not seek deliberate expression from nature.Handmade, grateful for quality.Incense made from natural raw materials.The toil is gone, and an aloe is burned,The heart is quiet with its elegant fragrance.
Professional and perfect service
We take the customer as the center, the consummation service makes the rapid response to your after sale demand,Solve your worries We produce and sell incense powder can be used to make incense brand, incense beads, sachets, incense pan, incense line, incense tower and so on.Incense, invisible, but we are smoked in the mood of incense, quiet, natural.